Shahi Jorda Polau


Shahi Jorda Rice

Shahi Jorda Rice

Shahi Jorda Polau

By August 17, 2016

Author: Zurana Masud
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Bangladeshi
Serves: 6 people

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 20 minutes




  • Boil enough water in a large pan. When the water has boiled, add the rice.
  • Once the rice 90% cooked, remove from flame and drain all water and keep aside.



  • In a deep bottom pan melt sugar with 1/2 cup of water. Add whole garam masala.
  • Then add cooked rice and food color. Mix well.
  • Next mix  ghee, orange juice and rose water. Add mawa, mix well.
  • Cover and cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Stir a few times in this cook time.
  • Once the sugar syrup dries up, add over all the raisins, nuts, mini sweet/mishti  and put it on dum.
  • Once cooked transfer to a serving plate.
  • Garnish with mini sweet, chopped nuts and fresh cream.
  • Serve hot or cool.


  • You can add some white sweet/misty also.  Add some dry fruits if you want.
  • If you want add kewra essence instead of rose water.

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Step by Step Picture:

step 1

step 1

step 2

step 2

Shahi Jorda Rice

Step 3

Shahi Jorda Rice

step 4

Shahi Jorda Rice

step 5


Shahi Jorda.

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