bundia recipe ll boondi recipe ll Bangladeshi bundia recipe ll how to make bundia at home


bundia recipe ll boondi recipe 

bundia recipe ll Bangladeshi bundia recipe with video. basically bundia is a Bangladeshi popular snacks recipe prepared with besan, then soaked with sugar syrup and then it is transform to a juicy small round ball dessert.




  • in a large mixing bowl sieve besan.
  • now add water slowly and prepare smooth batter.
  • divide the batter into two equal parts. Mix orange food color with one part.
  • heat enough oil on high heat. then reduce heat to medium.
  • take a noodles strainer or vegetable grated. Pour the prepared besan batter. Slowly tap and make sure the drops of besan fall into oil.
  • take off the budia and drain over the kitchen pepper towel.


  • in a pan boil sugar and water until dissolve. Reduce heat to low.
  • add fried bundia and cook for 3-4 minutes or until soft.
  • take a piece of bundia and press with your finger. if it is soft then turn off flame.
  • let the bundia to cool.
  • transfer to a serving dish and enjoy!


  • if your batter is a little thick, then you won’t get round shape



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