Mix Fruit Coconut Halwa


Mix Fruit Coconut Halwa

Mix Fruit Coconut Halwa

Mix Fruit Coconut Halwa

By May 10, 2016

Author: Zurana
Recipe type: Halwa/Barfi
Cuisine: Bangladeshi
Serves: 4 people

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 10 minutes




  • Heat ghee in a non stick pan. Add coconut, milk, water and sugar. Mix well and keep stirring on low flame.
  • Soon the halwa will thicken and leave the sides of the pan and form a large lumpy mixture for about 4-5 minutes. Turn off flame.
  • Divide the halwa and mix green food color with one part.
  • Grease  a dish and place white part halwa. Sprinkle dry fruits and cocoa powder.
  • Cover with green part. Let it cool on room temperature. Then keep into refrigerator.
  • Slice them and serve.


Mix Fruit Coconut Halwa

Mix Fruit Coconut Halwa


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