Rui Macher Dim-Korolla Bhaji


Rui Macher Dim-Korolla Bhaji

Rui Macher Dim-Korolla Bhaji

Rui Macher Dim-Korolla Bhaji

Rui Macher Dim-Korolla Bhaji

By March 5, 2016

Author: Zurana
Recipe type: Sides
Cuisine: Bangladeshi
Serves: 4 people

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 15 minutes




  • Cut the bitter gourd/korolla and peeled potato into thin slices. Clean the pieces thoroughly with salty water.
  • Wash and drain fish egg. Then chopped and  keep aside.



  • Heat oil in a nonstick pan, fry chopped onion until soft.
  • Then mix ginger, garlic, cumin, salt, green chili, turmeric with 2 tablespoon water and mix well.
  • Next add fish egg and fry until oil is separated from spices.
  • Then add korolla, potato and green chili. Cover and cook five minutes on medium heat.
  • Reduce heat to low, uncover and cook on low heat until turn it soft and tender.
  • Once cooked turn off flame. Transfer to  a serving plate and serve with rice.


Rui Macher Dim-Korolla Bhaji

Rui Macher Dim-Korolla Bhaji



  • You can skip red chili powder to increase green chili pieces.
  • Adjust salt and spices according to your taste.
  • Always try to avoid burning vegetable.


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