Semolina/Shuji Halwa


Semolina Halwa is a traditional recipe in our country. It is an instant method of making shuji halwa with shuji, mawa,  cocoa powder and flavor with chocolate. This recipe is very simple and need a very few ingredients. It is very soft and delicious. So lets know how to make Samolina Halwa following this easy recipe.

Semolina/Shuji Halwa

Semolina/Shuji Halwa

Semolina/Shuji Halwa

By June 15, 2015

Author: Zurana
Recipe type: Halwa/Barfi
Cuisine: Bangladeshi
Serves: 6 people

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 30 minutes




  1. Grease a pan with 2 teaspoon ghee and keep aside
  2. In a blender mix the water, sugar, milk, cardamon and blend them well.
  3. Divide the blended mixture in to three equal portions.
  4. Heat 1 tablespoon ghee in a fry pan on medium high heat.
  5. Add semolina/shuji and stir constantly until semolina is cooked and golden brown.
  6. Remove from heat and keep aside.

Cooking Method:

  1. In a nonstick pan pour the 2/3 of suji and 2/3 of egg mixture.
  2. Add the cocoa powder and cooking chocolate .Place on high heat and bring to boil.
  3. Turn heat to medium high heat and stir until the grains fully absorb the liquid.
  4. When start to form into a pudding like consistency, then add 1/2 cup of ghee.
  5. Keep stirring until the mixer is very thick.
  6. Stop cooking when halwa pull away from the sides of the pan and keep aside.
  7. Repeat the same process to make the second portion of halwa with another 1/3 semolina/suji, 1/3 egg-milk mixture and the remaining ghee.

Decorating Method:

  1. Take your greased pan and place the 1/2 of chocolate portion as a first portion to make 1 layer.
  2. Place the second layer with the white portion.
  3. Finally, place the final layer with the remaining chocolate portion.
  4. Sprinkle with the sliced nuts and raisins.
  5. Allow the semolina halwa to cool and harden for a bit.
  6. Cut into squire or diamond shape.
  7. Decorate each squire with sliced almond.



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