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Chef, digital cooking content creator, food photographer & recipe developer.

I am Zurana Masud. After completing post graduation in English Literature, I got to marry. I do not find any interest to get a job. I had started to review the world’s renowned recipe sites’ and TV programs and trying to cook traditional and modern dish for family members. My dearest husband is a food specialist which makes me more passionate to prepare recipe. My family members especially my husband and dear daughter (Manha) are the main judges of these dishes.

I love to cook and travel to learn cooking and also love to experiment in the kitchen with native raw materials in modern and classical style. My blog mainly focuses on traditional-non traditional Bengali and also Indian recipes, popular Thai & Chinese recipes, some trendy Arabic and Euro-western recipe also.

I design recipes by blending the knowledge of cooking from different parts and cultures of the world. I favorably use available local agricultural products and new variety of agricultural produce to popular among the county people.

I have passion to design dresses and jewelry for Bengali woman. My other interests include 3D show, reading literature books, enjoying modern arts and crafts, listening to contemporary music and watching cookery shows and  music video. I and my daughter love mouth watering chocolate and ice-cream.

I also love to travel to tourist and historical places of the country with family. Among them I like Cox’s bazaar and Kuakata sea beach. Of which, Cox’s bazaar is the world’s longest and an unbroken 125 km sandy sea beach with a gentle slope. But Kuakata beach is also demanding beach for its panoramic view and it is near about 18 km long. From this beach I can enjoy the unobstructed view of both sunrise and sunset over the Bay of Bengal and red crab dance. Chittagong Hill Tracks (Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachhori) and Sundarban (Mangrove forest) also attract me for its diversified flora and fauna.

Red Crab Kuakata Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

I have started this site to motivate others to cook. As an amateur cook, the visitors will find Traditional and modern Bengali and Indian Vegetable and Non vegetable recipes containing Mughlai, Arabic, Thai, Chinese and western taste. Each recipe in this site has been prepared and tested before publish. It is my pleasure that my formulated and verified recipes provide a connection between traditional and modern recipes from my mom, relatives, friends and all the great people around me. I like to adopt native recipe, spices and techniques in my kitchen.

My daughter’s activity: 

My daughter’s activity:

I would like to give thanks to all my visitors for patience and interest on my site. Please keep visiting the site and provide information & suggestion to upgrade the site to make it more users friendly. Don’t forget to cook tasty food for family to ensure safe and quality food.

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  1. Basia says:

    Thank you so much for creating a webpage specifically for Bengali recipes! Can’t wait to try all of the recipes 🙂

  2. Eva says:

    The pictures really help to convey the recipe steps, thanks!

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