dosti roti -exotic thin flat bread recipe video


dosti roti -exotic thin flat bread recipe video

By August 28, 2020

Author: Zurana Masud
Recipe type: bread
Cuisine: bengali/indian
Serves: 4 people



  • firstly, in a large bowl take flour and  salt.
  • mix well making sure everything is well combined. 
  • now add ¾ cup water and mix well.
  • start to knead adding water as required.
  • form a sticky dough, adding water as required.
  • knead to a smooth and non-sticky dough.
  • cover & rest 10 minutes. 
  • dust with maida and roll gently.
  • spread some oil over roti and sprinkle some flour.
  • cover with another 2nd roti.
  • now roll it 15 inch round thin roti.
  • roll as thin as possible, dusting flour to prevent from sticking. 
  • now heat the kadai in high flame for 2 minutes.
  • flip over and sprinkle saltwater. saltwater helps to make a non-stick coating to the kadai.
  • take the rolled roti and stretch gently.
  • make sure the roti turns translucent (the hand should be clearly visible).
  • place over the hot kadai. make sure to keep the flame on from the bottom.
  • cook until the bubbles start to appear.
  • flip over and press cooking on all the sides.
  • finally, fold dosti roti and separate two roti from each other.
  • enjoy immediately with curry.

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